Infrastructure IP Addresses, Ports and FQDN's

This is a list of resources that we make use of to securely deliver our services to thousands of MikroTik routers and users over the internet.

Anycast Addresses

The IP addresses below are anycast IP's that are mainly used to facilitate ingress connections from users and MikroTik devices on the internet.

JSON and RouterOS Services

The IP addresses below service our system API, RouterOS API, Management VPN and SFTP Backup servers

IP AddressTCP PortsServices, 1194, 2022HTTPS API, Management VPN, SFTP (backups), 1194, 2022HTTPS API, Management VPN, SFTP (backups) API API

Traffic Steering Tunnels

Traffic steering tunnels are seen on managed WAN failover configurations. There is a tunnel created on the router for every WAN, each tunnel connects to a unique IP address selected from the list below:

External IPInternal IPTCP Port

Egress IP Addresses

Whenever an outbound connection is made from MikroCloud's production environment to a resource on the internet it will be originated from one these IP's

IP Address


MikroCloud makes use of these domains to deliver SD-WAN for MikroTik.

pwrcld.netUsed for short-links
mypowercloud.netWeb apps live here
powercloud-api.netMainly used for API services
mikrotik-sdwan.comDynamic DNS - subdomains point to user routers

Autonomous System Number

It is also safe to trust traffic originated from AS328400