Why SDWAN Enablement is Free

We believe in the transformative potential of SD-WAN, especially when it comes to the security posture of organizations. That's why we are excited to offer our SD-WAN enablement service completely free of charge to all MikroTik router owners. Wondering why we made this decision? Here's why:

Making a Meaningful Difference

We want to make a meaningful improvement to the lives of network administrators and contribute to the user community. We aim to empower network administrators to harness the power of SD-WAN without any financial barriers, enabling them to optimize their network performance and streamline operations.

Aspiring to be the Largest Made-for-MikroTik Software Vendor

MikroCloud aspires to become the largest made-for-MikroTik software vendor in the world. By offering compelling free services, we aim to foster widespread adoption of our services and create a thriving ecosystem that enhances the functionality and capabilities of MikroTik routers.

Recent Investment and Commitment

We recently received a significant investment into our company from Stryve, solidifying our commitment to protect and serve millions of MikroTik routers worldwide. This investment fuels our ambition to continuously enhance our services and provide innovative solutions that empower network administrators.

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