Seamless Integration

SD-WAN Enablement for MikroTik

Elevate your network capabilities with MikroCloud's SD-WAN Enablement for MikroTik routers. Experience seamless management and enhanced features that bring your network infrastructure to the next level.

Effortless Integration.
Take advantage of SD-WAN Enablement's full integration with MikroTik RouterOS, without the need for proprietary software. In just a few minutes, bootstrap your router to unlock the powerful features of MikroCloud's services.
Secure Remote Access.
Experience the convenience of Transient Access, a secure method for remotely accessing your MikroTik router via SSH or Winbox. With unique, temporary credentials and an expiry TTL for each session, you can trust in the security of your remote connections.
Monitor Performance with SLA Reports.
Keep track of your network's uptime and performance with customizable SLA reports. Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports and tailor them to reflect business hours or all hours, ensuring you have the insights you need to maintain optimal performance.
Stay Informed with Notifications.
LReceive real-time alerts through messaging channels like WhatsApp when your site goes offline. With customizable notification policies, you can stay informed while avoiding unwanted messages outside of business hours.
Safeguard Your Router with Daily Backups.
Secure your router's configuration with daily backups, ensuring you always have a fallback in case of unexpected changes. Compare backups from different days to easily identify and address any modifications.
Unlock Advanced Features.
SD-WAN Enablement lays the foundation for an array of additional services, such as WAN failover, content filtering, security essentials, VPNs, and more. Customize your network infrastructure to meet your unique needs and maintain peak performance.

Frequently asked questions

SD-WAN Enablement is a cloud-based service designed specifically for MikroTik routers. It allows users to easily manage their routers and access a variety of advanced features, such as WAN failover, content filtering, security essentials, VPNs, and more. This service enhances network capabilities and provides a strong foundation for future network expansion.