Reliable and Intelligent

WAN Failover

Multiple WAN Links.
Manage up to four WAN connections with ease. Our service provides real-time traffic utilization insights and integrates with our Single Pane of Glass dashboard, simplifying management of numerous links.
Accurate Performance Monitoring.
Keep a close eye on your connections with our continuous monitoring of latency, packet loss, and jitter over TCP 443. This approach provides insights into the experience of applications using HTTPS, which encompasses most internet platforms today.
Future-ready Service.
Stay ahead of the curve with upcoming enhancements, including application-aware routing and customizable traffic paths for simultaneous use of multiple internet connections.

Frequently asked questions

To use the WAN Failover service, your MikroTik router must have more than one internet connection medium, a default route for each connection, and be bootstrapped with our SD-WAN Enablement service.