SD-WAN for MikroTik

Securely manage your MikroTik networks at any scale using cloud native provisioning.

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By leveraging our services, network administrators can effectively monitor and control their networks, ensuring seamless connectivity. With security at the forefront, our solution offers DNS-based content filtering, BGP blackhole feeds, to protect against emerging threats and ensure data protection. Single pane of glass dashboards and SLA reporting make network management and performance tracking a breeze.

All of these benefits are delivered at an affordable price, making our solution a cost-effective choice for businesses looking for a security conscious infrastructure management system.

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Security Essentials
Strengthen your network defense with our BGP blackhole feed, aggregating data from multiple sources to proactively mitigate emerging threats and maintain a secure infrastructure.
Content Filtering
Safeguard your network with our DNS-based content filter, effectively blocking malicious websites and allowing precise control over web access for enhanced security and productivity.
WAN Failover
Experience seamless connectivity with WAN failover, designed to keep your network up and running even during unexpected disruptions.
Transient Access
Secure your network management with temporary, controlled access for administrators while ensuring data protection and compliance.
Centralized Monitoring
Effortlessly monitor network health through our single pane of glass dashboard, providing a centralized view of all warnings and alerts, simplifying management and promoting proactive issue resolution.
Daily Backups
Enjoy peace of mind with our daily config backups for 365 days, ensuring your network settings are secure and easily restorable in case of any unforeseen events.
SLA Reports
Track your network performance scheduled reports, enabling you to measure branch uptime against predefined targets and gain valuable insights for improved reliability and service quality.
Health Notifications
Stay informed with our customizable notification policies, allowing you to receive alerts on platforms like WhatsApp, ensuring timely updates and seamless communication when it matters most.